Clinics Programme


The Clinics programme,  which is endorsed by the Department of Health, was developed to target communities where they are actively looking to improve their lifestyle. The Population who visit government clinics monthly spend an average of 3 hours waiting to see a doctor or nurse. Nurses are seen as authorities in their communities, and therefore they play an essential role in the success of this program. 

This opportunity is used to educate these patients about the role and benefits of yoghurt as part of their daily diet and guidance on a balanced diet. It also gives them the opportunity to taste our product and received vouchers to purchase in their communities.

The first implementation of this program:

  • Reaches 50 clinics
  • Spans over a 5 months period
  • Directly reaches 1 million South Africans
  • Indirectly touching the lives of 5 million South Africans