Schools Programme 2016



The Danone Schools Programme, which reaches over a million primary school learners every year, is the second largest schools’ programme in South Africa. It provides a platform of support for teachers and learners across the country by providing schools with free curriculum-aligned educational material that focuses on living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


In 2016, the program will reach 2000 schools with ‘Bright Sparks’-themed educational content. This encourages a positive attitude towards hard work and making healthy eating decisions, by teaching learners about the importance of yoghurt. 500 schools in South Africa will receive a visit from a themed interactive roadshow with two fun-loving characters - Farmer Fred and Bonolo-Berry. Together they excite primary learners about healthy eating and teach them about choosing NutriDay yoghurt as a smart snack by having one yoghurt a day.

The Danone Schools Programme is committed in a real and visible way to educating learners about proper nutrition and improved eating habits that will be of great benefit to learners in the long-term. For more information on the Danone Schools Programme, please call 011 706 6016 or email


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Schools Programme Documents

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NutriDay Teacher Workbook 4 MB
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NutriDay Balanced Diet Poster 1.6 MB
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2016 School Competition Terms & Conditions