Danone's Sustainability Approach


Danone’s specificity lies in the way the company entirely connects business to sustainability. Danone’s sustainability approach is rooted in the dual project initiated by Antoine Riboud around 40 years ago and perpetuated today by Group CEO Franck Riboud. It is today lived following 3 axes: social fundamentals, nature & ecosystem.

Frank Riboud says that, “A company only exists and lasts because it creates value for the whole of society”. It is based on this strong conviction that Danone was built and continues to grow today.

This specific culture is visible in:

  • Our Nature commitments,
  • Our Danone Ecosystem projects
  • Our HR project Dan’Cares covering 3 core risks for over 40,000 Danone employees to date
  • Our efficient sourcing practices, because Danone is convinced that the quality of the products it manufactures is directly linked to the quality of the milk the group sources. Danone has worked with producers in a growing number of countries to promote practices that create social value, respect the great natural equilibriums and produce better nutrient intakes. It is an integral part of the group's dual commitment to business success and social progress and it answers the need to recreate a link between the producer and the consumer.
  • Our constant innovation to satisfy consumers.

Danone Social Fundamentals

Danone wants to innovate in the social fundamentals in order to create conditions for the safety and the good health of Danone employees.

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Environmental Sustainability

Healthy food begins with a healthy nature, true commitment to nature is key to achieve our mission in the long term.

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